could not afford to use him to drive to town. In order to take care of and milk her cows and reach the city early enough to deliver her milk she had to get up very early in the morning, so that she generally got back home about ten or eleven o'clock. Then, in the afternoon, she took care of the house and worked in the garden. This is a pretty good example, I suspect, of the way some of these peasant women work.


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Ever since Zopyrus had seen again the girl whom he had rescued from the Persian soldiery, he could think of little else. She filled his conscious thoughts and at night he dreamed of her, but he had made up his mind with stern resolution that he would be true to his promise to Eumetis who seemed to love him devotedly. The wedding had been postponed from the end of the Mystery celebrations to the third night of the full moon.


in his time a very representative Socialist, but certainly he did present, as if it were a counsel of perfection for this harsh and grimy world, something very like reckless abandonment to the passion or mood of the moment. I doubt if he would have found a dozen supporters in the Fabian Society in his own time. I should think his teaching would have appealed far more powerfully to extreme individualists of the type of Mr. Auberon Herbert. However that may be, I do not think there is at present among English and American Socialists any representative figure at all counselling Free Love. The modern tendency is all towards an amount of control over the function of reproduction, if anything, in excess of that exercised by the State and public usage to-day. Let me make a brief comparison of existing conditions with what I believe to be the ideals of most of my fellow Socialists in this matter, and the reader can then judge for himself between the two systems of intervention.

“About Sir Thomas! Is there any news about Sir Thomas?” said Lady Markham, with an elaborately innocent look. “If so, it has not yet been confided to me.” And then she proceeded to tell to her daughter the story of Nelly Winterbourn.{v3-246}



"Yes, Dear. I'm going to run down to Kansannamura (42-19) for my next call-in."

The man who has no secrets from his wife is a widower.

I forgave him on the spot, sir—on the spot.” His fine eye filled, and he stretched a soft old hand, netted with veins and freckles, across the table to me.

1.  事实上,中国自古以来就有牧鸡治蝗、牧鸭治蝗的方法,并一直沿用至现代。比如,2000年就有3万只鸭子乘飞机从浙江长兴赶往新疆帮助灭蝗,2001年时有媒体报道,新疆养殖了近70万只灭蝗鸡鸭,直到今天,中国西北地区的草原地区,还广泛应用这种方式进行生物灭蝗。

2."Have they secured a subject?" Hatcher demanded jealously.


I say, Joan, he said, you cant go chumming with Indians anyhow.


Have grown familiar with sterner things.



They drove along, faster and faster, until they came to a great portal, and out into the blinding radiance of a molten copper sky.


“She says,” continued Frances, with a certain constriction in her throat, “that every lady is expected to play—to play a little at least, even if she has not much taste for it.{v1-71} She thinks when we go home—that all our relations will be so surprised——”

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