Counterfeiter’s mold, knife blade, iron tomahawk, and stone idol found in vicinity of Cave-in-Rock, and a flint-lock pistol of the style used about 1800


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Africa, perhaps. And thats why one has to go to school and collegeand learn all about it.

In this way this gentleman, who was hunting the worst that was to be seen among the Negroes, as I was hunting the worst that was to be seen among the people of Europe, travelled all over the Southern States, going from one dark corner to another, but never finding things as bad as they were advertised. Instead of that, backward as the people were in many of the remote parts of the country, he found, just as I did in Europe, that everywhere the people were making progress. In some places they were advancing more slowly than they were in others, but everywhere there was, on the whole, progress rather than decline. The result in his case was the same as it had been in mine, the farther he went and the more he saw of the worst there was to see, the more hopeful he became of the people as a whole.



"Indeed!" said Marian quite calmly (trust her for that!). "I should think they would be excellently matched!--My dear Gertrude, how on earth do you get these flowers to grow in a room? Mine are all blighted, the merest brown horrors."

He allowed that thought to seep into his mind. Suppose there had been an accident to the Jodrell Bank.

"and perhaps I may let Dicky off before the week is out."

“Of course, my dear, I know—Lord Markham and his set.”

“James Lynan,” he said, “remember my words; you will come to an ill end. The vengeance of God will fall on you for your wicked life; and by the power that is in me I denounce you as an evil liver and a limb of Satan, and accursed of all good men.”


Lynching parties had been organized since the middle of March and in the meantime a committee was sent to James Garrard, Governor of Kentucky, presenting to him the necessity of capturing the outlaws. A memorandum on this subject in the Executive Journal, entered in the month of April, states that “the governor authorized Josh Ballenger to pursue them into the state of Tennessee and other states, and to apply to the executive authorities of such states to deliver them up.”


2.  回家路上,路过汉口解放大道,王莉看到除了大楼上面写着“武汉加油”,最繁华的武广商场只留下了一块广告牌还在亮着,其余的地方一片暗淡。她打开了车灯,照亮前路。来不及伤感,下一位乘客正在某个地方等她。




“He had a black beard, sir, and was about middle-aged, and had on a light overcoat. Beyond the fact that he spoke like an American I didn’t notice much about him.”



“Why don’t you get a dago, Mr. James” ses I.



. . .