Hubert, who had got into that uneasy-looking pose of his, looked down at his crossed ankles.


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To my surprise I found the name of Father O'Rourke amongst those allowed to volunteer, and when we were alone I said, rallying him:


In early days the virgin forests retarded, to a great extent, the water of the heavy rains, and as a result floods were less frequent and less severe. It is probable that when Cave-in-Rock and the country about were covered with trees the place was damper than now, for the water then slowly seeped down from the tree-covered surface. Nevertheless, it was sufficiently dry to serve as a good shelter not only for outlaws, who frequently occupied it, but also for men and women going down the river in flatboats.


And one of those long looks, which earth

My treasures lie in the earth at thy side—

On his left was the State’s chief executive, Governor Turney, or “Old Pete,” as the big brained and big framed fellow under the slouch hat was familiarly called by every schoolboy in the State. Other congenial spirits were around, high in social and political circles, drawn by the annual reunion of Confederate veterans. Some war yarns had passed around and General Jackson, who was a brilliant cavalry leader himself, was explaining how efficient the cavalry service was. The General himself fought through the war and thought that the best horses in the world for cavalry purposes were those with a good dash of thoroughbred in them. Jackson himself rode thoroughbreds all through the war. So did Fitz-Hugh Lee, of Virginia; John H. Morgan, the famous raider, and many others.

All the faddists, of course, go to live at Letchworth, but there are in Chelsea a few groups of young “intellectuals” who are good enough to supply comic relief in the “between” days when one is bored. One Saturday evening, having been to the Chelsea Palace of Varieties and feeling restless and disinclined for bed, I remembered that I had a standing invitation to go to a certain studio where, I was told, I should be welcomed whenever I cared to go. I went and discovered a handful of young men sitting round the fire and directing the affairs of the Empire.

chapter 2

1.  在抗疫一线,有这么一群人。他们站在污染区和清洁区的边界,把医务人员武装得严严实实,送进病房,还要负责把他们从污染区安全地接回来。他们就是院感医生,被医务人员亲切地称作“安全守护神”,来自郑州大学第一附属医院感染科的娄昊就是这样一位“守护神”。

2.  一位今年马上高考的高三学生患者,在墙上贴着手写的课程表,床头桌里塞着满满的书本。她的父母也被确诊了,此前因为离家近的洪山体育馆床位满员,住进了另一所方舱医院。后来洪山方舱有患者出院空出了床位,这时候女孩也确诊了,便在社区的安排下独自入住。在电话里听女儿说旁边的叔叔阿姨都很关照,女孩的父母感到放心。


Sex: Only geldings are accepted, mares and stallions not being taken, excepting in times of great necessity, as during war.


[Pg 313]


Whereupon young Winterbaum cried out, as it were with a trumpet, in a loud and grief-stricken voice. Now I shall hurt you. Thats too much, and swiped viciously at Peters face and raised a weal on Peters cheek. Whereupon Peter, feeling that Joan was slipping from him, began to rain blows upon young Winterbaum wherever young Winterbaum might be supposed to be tender, and young Winterbaum began to dance about obliquely and cry out, Mustnt hit my legs. Mustnt hit my legs. Not fair. Oo-oh! my knuckles! And after one or two revengeful slashes at Peters head which Peterwho had had his experiences with Joan in a rageparried with an uplifted arm, young Winterbaum turned and ranran into the arms of Miss Murgatroyd, who had been attracted to the shrubbery by his cries....


After a time not to be counted in minutes, as the clock measures,——without any warning,——there came a swift change of his features; his face turned white, as the waters whiten when a sudden breath passes over their still surface; the muscles instantly relaxed, and Iris, released at once from her care for the sufferer and from his unconscious grasp, fell senseless, with a feeble cry,——the only utterance of her long agony.


Poirot shrugged his shoulders. “Well, after all, if it were found in the neighbourhood, it might be argued that Davenheim himself had dropped it.”

. . .